2017 DUMA Biennial artist, Amy Witte

27 Witte
Amy E. Witte, Ankeny, Iowa
The Seven Deadly Twins, 2015, mixed, 36×72

I use abandoned photographs to distort history. The real history of my photographs, has been discarded by there previous owner for whatever reason. What was once a document of time or a cherished memory now becomes a whole new twisted story.

Encaustic paint, collage, and assemblage suit me best. The idea of nature verses nurture and the absurdity of human nature have always peaked my interest. Using motifs inherent to biology and psychology and a heavy use of ephemera, I create a dialog about the mundane, to that of the arousing. The ensuing images end up being humorous and sardonic. Each with a title that adds context and reflects my personality and perversity.