2017 DUMA Biennial artist, Gail Chavenelle

3D Printed Sculpture Portraits
Gail Chavenelle, Dubuque, Iowa
3D Printed Sculpture Portraits, 2016, fff printed PLA plastic filament, dimensions vary

Born in Michigan, Gail was privileged to grow up from coast to coast. Her education and careers are diverse. An undergraduate degree in literature was followed by a Masters in computer education. She has taught English, film, and Media Communications at the secondary level. Incorporating CAI and video delivery systems, she has been an educational designer for both K-12 and industry. She taught computer programming using computer animation. After selling healthcare computer systems, she served as director for a Professional Women’s Network

Gail has found a unique voice in metal.  She is uncomfortable with such current expressions as “Self Taught” or “Outsider,” since Gail has been mentored in metalwork by a generous blacksmith and critically supported by working artist friends. Art History and studio classes at a local college continue lifelong “formal” education.

Gail has a thriving internet business, offering images at chavenellestudio.com, Etsy.com, and wholesale marketing through Wholesalecrafts.com. She is now represented in galleries and shops nationwide and collected internationally.