2017 DUMA Biennial artist, Grant W. Thye

Grant W. Thye, Grundy Center, Iowa
Slow Moving Clouds, 2016, oil, 16×20

Grant William Thye splits time between his two studios, one in downtown Chicago and the other in rural Iowa. Growing up on a small family farm and being raised by an analytical cubist were both major factors in shaping his artistic temperament. He likes to manipulate thoughts, ideas, and objects to work in ways not originally intended and also turn nothing into something. A large part of his vernacular comes from the natural world which has been influenced by work of the Regionalists, the Chicago Imagists, graffiti, and cartoons. His work is in the permanent collection of the Cedar Rapids Museum of Art, where it is currently on display. He has been exhibited nationally in museums, galleries, colleges, and other public as well as private spaces. He has been featured in various books, publications, and national advertising campaigns, as well as giving artist talks and workshops to students ranging from elementary to graduate school.