2017 DUMA Biennial artist, Sarah Krepp

Color of Silence I
Sarah Krepp, Evanston, Illinois
Color of Silence I [116], 2016, mixed media, 72×51
First Place Award
Color of Silence II
Color of Silence II [216], 2016, mixed media, 72×51
First Place Award

Utilizing massed materials, I look to create an energetic impact where a poetic dynamic is felt before the content is understood. With these visually complex works, I strive for a physical and metaphysical experience. Through layered yet lyrical assemblages of everyday materials (tire shreds, paint, bits and pieces of communicative systems), the works play between the boundaries of painting/sculpture/drawing/choreography.

I seek to set up an interplay between the brute/force of the road and the chaos, confusion, and instability of our daily lives. Our ability and disability to understand the fractured world around us I set against the natural vigor and exuberance that we find in life itself. Part of this is aesthetic, part positive energy, part horror, danger, and death.

 The visual pleasure from the abundance of massed surfaces and explosions of black conglomerates can also become metaphoric for the danger of engulfment.