Steve Banks

Steve Banks

Davenport, IA


Steve Banks - a Midwest native and Quad City resident, is a mixed media artist who spends most of his waking hours working in his studio on the banks of the mighty Mississippi.


Artist Statement

One subset from my overall artistic output is my ceramic works. While trying to maintain a connection to the playful pop culture undertones and personal notes/doodles of my wall-mounted pieces, my clay pieces strive to expand this palette by including references to ruin/ruins. Sun-bleached billboards, skeletal remains of Greco-Roman temples, and the dilapidated carcass of a defunct roadside Denny's Restaurant are now welcome additions to the world of Captain Galactikka, fast food nibbles, sound-bite understandings, meaning full/less sloganizing, and all things Bunn-Macho. The party is dying down. Who's gonna pick up the check?

Steve Banks, Ship of Fools, 2022, Ceramic, 18" x 28" x 16"