Andonia Giannakouros

Dubuque, IA


Andonia Giannakouros is an oil painter with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Painting from Clarke University in Dubuque, Iowa. Andonia’s work considers scale and site heavily when composing each piece and series. Her work explores themes including chronology, memory, multi-generational families and the diaspora and collection. She has been exhibiting her work in Arkansas, Iowa, and Tennessee in solo and group exhibits since 2005 and has private collectors across Iowa, Tennessee, and Wisconsin.


Artist Statement

As a figurative painter from a multi-generational family, my work explores chronology and generation through the lens of memory; specifically, in how we describe ourselves to others through the objects and totems we collect and display (books/vinyl/heirlooms) and the way we decorate and style ourselves as visual biography. My work, when possible, is site-specific: heavily considering the viewer as the “fourth wall” of each piece and the series, using scale and installation to enhance the impact.

Andonia Giannakouros, Friendships Both Real and Imagine, 2022, Oil on panel, 6.5" x 8.5" x .5"