Tim Hutchings

Peoria, IL


Timothy Hutchings is an artist, game designer, and educator who splits his time between Peoria, Illinois and Portland, Oregon. He holds an MFA in sculpture from Yale University and is a game design professor at Bradley University. He has had eight solo exhibitions of his work in NYC and has had solo shows at the Long Beach Museum, Kunsthalle Wien and other art spaces. He is best known for his award-winning game book Thousand Year Old Vampire.

Artist Statement

Hutchings works in a contradictory mixture of truth and lies, and humor and despair. His recent game book A Collection of Improving Exercises is all at once an instruction manual for perspective drawing, a meditation on death and eternity, and a metatextual self-portrait. His work is seldom what it appears to be and, when it is at its best, contains multiple themes and narratives that interleave to create unease and doubt.

Tim Hutchings, A Collection of Improvising Exercises, 2023, Book,
9" x 11.25" x .4"