Dalton Leisen

Dubuque, IA


Dalton Leisen is a contemporary self-taught painter from Dubuque, IA. His paintings blend the use of geometric shapes, graffiti, and portraiture to create paintings that can feel dystopian and robotic and yet still humanistic. Leisen started creating art in 2012 by doing graffiti and ink drawings, soon developing into oil painting and portraiture. His main tools of choice are spray paint, brayers, and masking tape.


Artist Statement

Stylistically this body of work is an exploration about the future of humanity, our relationship with technology, and how that effects our relationship with each other. Throughout the body of work using spray paint, brayers, and palette knives these elements come together with images of static, the human figure, and environment. The intention is to encourage viewers to ask their own internal questions, and develop their own voice. 

Dalton Leisen, Dissolve, 2023, Spray paint, acrylic, and oil on wood panel,
36" x 24" x 1.5"