Kay Meyer

Des Moines, IA


Kay Meyer is a creative maker, gardener, potter, baker, carpenter, heritage crafter and avid nemophilist who has lived in Iowa her whole life. As an artist, Kay’s work has been shown in regional art shows, small venues and smaller ephemera works only seen by squirrels or otters. A large accomplishment was the woven 10 foot “Willow Globe’’ made for the Brenton Arboretum in 2007. The Globe was left to roll and wander, luring visitors off-trail to find. 

Currently, Kay is working on a collection of ceramic vases designed for Iowa’s tallest prairie flowers, a pit-fired clay leaf collection and a series of large free-form tapestries that push the limits of needlework beyond the typical row after row patterning typical of these crafts. When not visiting her children, she lives in Des Moines with her husband and his cat.


Artist Statement

Gardens can be planted in straight rows, boxes or along fences. But at the Bloomery, flowers grow without the restraint of rows, borders or landscape plans. Here blooms unfurl fully without plan, planting or maintenance. These flowers go to seed and spread. Weeds are invited and the paths are narrow. Look closely, there is a flower here that is just for you. 

Kay Meyer, The Bloomery, 2022, Crocheted wool, 60" x 14" x 2"