Jessie Rebik

Jessie Rebik

Galena, IL


Jessie Rebik is a figurative photo-realistic painter who works and lives in Galena, IL. She received her MFA from Florida Atlantic University in 2007, and currently teaches as an Associate Professor of Art at Clarke University in Dubuque, Iowa. Her work has been exhibited nationally, and has been awarded honors in several juried exhibitions.


Artist Statement

As I move through stages in life, art making provides a method to search for meaning within my complicated and ever-changing world. I observe and respond to the cultural forces that shape my identity, self-consciousness, insecurity, fear, and shame.
My primary source of imagery is past moments captured through a photographic lens. I investigate and mine personal photographs for clues to significant moments and fragments of insight. This photo documentation of lives-past and present- contain signifiers in their distortions and framing. I choose photos that are immediate and reproducible, most often experienced as the viewer swipes through albums on a screen. A painting is hand-made, one-of-a-kind, precious, and viewed primarily in its physical form. This moves the documentation from synthetic (digital) to natural. The contrast between the quick and often impulsive snap of a photograph and the thoughtful, time-intensive process of painting is a place and space I am fascinated by. This transition reveals meaning that would otherwise go unnoticed and allows for deeper investigation of passing moments. My hope is that the result conveys insights into the forces that shape our experiences, beliefs, emotions, and decisions.

My most recent drawings and paintings explore the demands, challenges, and joy of raising two boys. I am interested in the tension between my conflicting emotions and desires throughout this experience. The work expresses my attempt to observe and understand the complexities of motherhood. This includes the overarching pressures from both societal and personal expectations of raising boys in our current rapidly changing culture.

Jessie Rebik, Rough and Tumble 2, 2022, Charcoal on paper, 36" x 28" x 1.5"