Iowa City, Iowa


Native American Artist, Alicia Velasquez, has been honoring her Native American traditions ever since she was a little girl. Taught by her father and elders she has learned several techniques such as beadwork, leatherwork, silversmithing, sewing, embroidery just to name a few.

Born in 1979 and raised in the southwest, Alicia who is Apache and Yaqui draws inspiration, not just from her ancestors but from all nations. Her passion is to connect women to culture in a respectful manner through culture appreciation. And to remind women of their strength, beauty, and worth.


Dotlizhi stiletto earings and diamond earrings 2019

Artist Statement

I opened my Iowa City gallery, The House of Dotł’izhi (dot-CLUH-gee), in 2021. The Dotł’izhi woman is rooted in her heritage but appreciates the beauty of other cultures. She is bold in her way of expression that creates an edgy look. She walks in the knowledge of her strength, beauty, and worth. I handcraft bespoke, limited edition, and one-of-a kind pieces by infusing my unique designs with traditional techniques that were handed down to me by my father and elders. With integrity and authenticity, I can celebrate craftsmanship while preserving my culture.

The Filipino Star earrings is an example of a bespoke piece. It was created to tell her story by celebrating her Filipino culture and using materials that are as unique as her. The Stiletto earrings were created to share my story. The story of my people, the story of resilience. The triangle represents unity with the Creator. Starting from the center each layer represents life, worth, beauty, and strength.

Stiletto earrings, 2022, Woven black, gold, and white twisted bugle beads, and gold-filled leverback hooks, 10.5 in., Courtesy of the artist
Filipino Star earrings, 2022, Silver and crystal, 4 in., Courtesy of the artist