Facebook Crosspost: 2020-Apr-4

What’s cooking? American artist Andy Warhol immortalized Campbell’s soup cans and Cornflakes cereal in his iconic Pop Art screenprints. Julia, his mother and a gifted amateur artist herself, prepared Andy the same lunch for twenty years: tomato soup and a sandwich. In 1959 Warhol published a campy cookbook titled “Wild Raspberries” which featured a collection of 19 cheeky drawings and lithographs. His recipe for “Seared Roebuck” is strictly tongue in cheek.

Explore “Eat Like Andy Warhol” from “The Art Assignment: PBS Digital Studios”.

Seared Roebuck

Take a saddle of roebuck, roast it and then swirl it in the poasting [sic] pan with two juniper berries. Remove from the roasting pan and sear it over an open fire adding sauce au poivre sauce every thirty seconds. Serve with stewed Macintoshes. Note: unlike many other species of game moebuck [sic] must be eaten fresh. It is important to note that roebuck shot in ambush is infinitely better than roebuck killed after a chase. Keep this in mind on your next hunting trip.