A Midwestern Perspective

February 20 - June 13, 2021

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Dubuque artist Tim Olson finds inspiration in the people and places around him and uses that inspiration to reimagine historic paintings in his latest series titled, Olson's Art Through the Ages: A Midwestern Perspective. With profound awareness for visual storytelling and irreverent humor, Olson creates a direct dialogue between Midwestern life and historic art. The exhibition features twelve new oil on panel paintings and is organized by the Dubuque Museum of Art.
From courtly portraits to iconic altarpieces, Olson brings these exalted images into the contemporary experience. As he describes them, "The paintings in this series combine regional subject matter (crime stories, landscapes, portraits) with paintings from the past. It started, in part, with a recognition of the similarity between contemporary mug shots and portraits by early Netherlandish painters, and continued from there."

Artist Biography

Tim Olson was born in Marathon, Iowa in 1962. He studied photography and painting at Bemidji State University 1980-82, University of Iowa 1982-84 with Peter Feldstein, and Loras College 2002-03 with Thomas Jewel-Vitale. Prior to moving to Dubuque, Olson worked for many years as a printer and technician in a Chicago photography studio. He has exhibited his work throughout the United States. He currently lives in Dubuque with his family.

Self Portrait with a Temperature of 97.1, 2020, oil on panel, 25 x19 inches
Self Portrait with a Temperature of 97.1, 2020, oil on panel, 25 x19 inches