Lunch and Learn genealogy series: Chris Happ Olson and Ricki King

Shaking the Family Tree

Trace your roots without getting tangled up in the process. Join us for a genealogy-packed lunch and learn series that will help you begin your ancestry search as well as examine lesser-known tales of Dubuque’s past.

October 26, November 2, and November 9 from 12:15–1 PM.

Free for members

Museum admission price for non-members

November 9: Chris Happ Olson and Ricki King. Chris Happ Olson is Assistant Planner at the City of Dubuque and Project Coordinator for Dubuque’s Black Heritage Survey. Ricki King, Roots To Branches Genealogy, serves on the Consultant Team for Dubuque’s Black Heritage Survey. Olson and King, representing Dubuque’s Black Heritage Survey, will discuss discovering the rich history of Black Dubuquers covering the time period of 1830–1980, as part of that project.