Jill has a BFA from University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh, and an MFA from the University of Nebraska.

She exhibits her work nationally and has been included in shows at AKAR Gallery, Red Lodge Clay Center, The Clay Studio, Contemporary Craft, Morean Center for Clay, Baltimore Clayworks, Bradley University, Lillstreet Art Center, and Texas Tech University among others.

Jill is a senior research editor for Getty Images in Chicago and has her studio at the Midwest Clay Guild in Evanston, IL (

She lives with her husband and two cats in South Evanston where she realized her childhood dream of having a spiral staircase.

Artist Statement

My Midwestern roots inform these pieces.

The small town I grew up in had industrial elements – canning factories, metal fabrication, and a stove manufacturer that had gone out of business by the time I was in high school.

We made family visits to dams, substations, power plants as my dad worked for the electric company. I was fascinated by the machinery I saw, the structures and places that had seen better days. As a kid I didn’t know what most of the machines were but I was in awe of their presence.

When I construct my sculptures, I draw on indeterminate memories of these places. I use mechanical textures in the slabs and assemble them with exposed seams and slip. The forms have structure but are off-kilter and worn-looking with slip and glazes that peel, drip, and foam. They look like they have seen better days.

Jill Birschbach, Pink Cross, 2019, Stoneware, slip, and glaze, 24x20x8 in., Collection of the artist
Jill Birschbach, Stilt, 2020, Stoneware, slip, and glaze, 25x26x11 in., Collection of the artist
Jill Birschbach, Yellow-Pink Arch, 2020, Stoneware, slip, and glaze, 18x15x4 in., Collection of the artist
Jill Birschbach, Shedding Skin, 2020, Stoneware, slip, and glaze, 18x11x4 in., Collection of the artist

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