Traveling Exhibitions

Traveling Exhibitions

Mingled Visions: Images from The North American Indian by Edward S. Curtis

A traveling exhibition organized by the Dubuque Museum of Art

A beautiful and affordable exhibition of 40 original photogravures by Edward S. Curtis is available as a touring exhibition from the Dubuque Museum of Art. The exhibition features highlights from Curtis’s sweeping collection of Native American images from the late 19th and early 20th century.

Edward Sheriff Curtis (1868-1952), born near Whitewater, Wisconsin, spent over 30 years creating his magnum opus, a twenty volume collection containing in-depth descriptions and breathtaking images of Native American people, culture, and customs. Against staggering odds and constant setbacks, Curtis persisted and in the end he was able to photograph over 80 tribes throughout the American West and part of Canada.


  • 40 works, matted in light maple frames, 27×23 inches each.
  • text panels, tribe map, and self-portrait of Curtis.
  • Electronic labels and a PDF for a printable exhibition brochure.
  • Approximately 200 running feet of gallery space.
  • $7,500 rental fee for up to 12 weeks.
  • Two-way fine art shipping and wall-to-wall insurance.

For available booking dates please contact Stacy Gage Peterson, Curator.


2019 Nov – 2020 Feb: Sioux City Public Museum (Remnants of the West)

2019 Mar – Jun: Westmoreland Museum of American Art

2018 Apr – Jun, Historic City Hall Arts & Cultural Center, Lake Charles, Louisiana

2017 Jan – May, Marshall M. Fredericks Sculpture Museum

2016 Nov – Jan, Burpee Museum of Natural History

2015 Aug – Nov, Suzanne H. Arnold Art Gallery

2015 Feb – May, Whatcom Museum

2014 Apr – Sep, Mennello Museum of American Art

2013 Aug – 2014 Jan, Museum of Wisconsin Art

2011 Aug – Oct, MacNider Art Museum

2011 Mar – Aug, Blanden Art Museum

2010 Feb – July, Wichita Museum of Art



Photography by Edward S. Curtis and Mark James

A traveling exhibition organized by the Dubuque Museum of Art in association with Studio of the American West Photography

This unique exhibition spans more than a century, presenting original photogravure prints by early 20th century photographer Edward S. Curtis alongside black and white landscapes by contemporary photographer Mark James.

Both artists found inspiration in the American West. While Colorado photographer Mark James focuses on pure landscape imagery, Curtis documented Native American tribes and in the process captured stunning landscapes as backdrops to daily life. In this exhibition that compares two bodies of work created 100 years apart, a sense of two distinct periods is not immediately evident. The people in Curtis’s photos may be long gone but the lands of the American West, as seen in James’s images, remain preserved.

Throughout the exhibition the images of Curtis and James are presented in pairs, connecting the past to the present and giving the public the opportunity to directly compare and contrast these two visions of the American West. Their haunting similarities also provide an opportunity to consider environmental concerns and the evolution of American Indian culture over the last 100 years.

Between 1895 and 1930, Edward S. Curtis (America, 1868-1952) relentlessly pursued one of the most ambitious photography projects ever undertaken – documenting traditional life of Native American tribes west of the Mississippi River. The result of this colossal project was a magnificent 20 volume collection of texts and photographs known as The North American Indian.

Mark James was born in San Diego, California in 1955 but spent his formative years as a child in a small Arizona town north of Phoenix. He has lived in Colorado for over 40 years, starting his professional career as a commercial photographer in 1977. In 2010, he and wife Patricia founded Studio of American West Photography as a catalyst to actively foster educational programming around the history and techniques of photography.


  • 20 original photogravures by Edward S. Curtis paired with 20 black and white photographs by Mark James. All works are matted and framed at 27 x 23 inches. Curtis frames are light maple and James frames are dark walnut.
  • 40 object labels and five descriptive text panels. All labels and panels are electronic.                  


  • $7,500 rental fee for up to 12 weeks.
  • Two-way fine art shipping and wall-to-wall insurance.

Approximately 200 running feet of gallery space. For available booking dates please contact Stacy Gage Peterson, Curator.