Linda Kelen grew up in Oak Park, Illinois.

1959, wins Wiebolts Department Store art competition first prize for ball point pen drawing of backyard dirt, weeds, and bugs.
1959-1967, enrolled in Young Artist Studios at the School of the Art institute of Chicago.
1968, admitted full time to SAIC/University of Chicago.
1970, began freelancing, while taking phone orders at Chicago's Eddie Bauer's.
1978, selling watercolors/drawings, participating in Midwest group shows, juried Chicago Art Institute Vicinity and Beloit Vicinity shows... Kohler Museum
1998, house/studio burns down, sells off county fair paintings, etching press returns 
2011-2015 person shows, learns chasing/repousse, Rocket Rings Scholarship
2017-present exhibitions, Dubuque Museum of Art Craft Invitational...Jane Wilcoxson Gallery...Cedarburg Museum of Art, Guenzel Gallery, Centro Cultural Aztlan Gallery in San Antonio...Ali Kauss Jewelry Gallery...Americas PaperWorks, Minot State U, NW Arts Center, ND...Southwest Wisconsin FALL ART TOUR, River Arts Gallery, Prairie FIBULAS at the MERCURYLounge, Madison...Member/Showing with American Ferals 

Artist Statement

Thoughts sat scribbled out,
on my table for some weeks,
before some things happened
pushing me over an edge.

I sharpened my little knives,
rolled out my tools and began.
These were unlike the other blocks or metal.
I would sometimes just stare at them,
other times work for hours,
metal in daytime, wood at night.

The floor became crunchy.
It took a long time for completion
but then there was a remarkable calm.

Linda Kelen, Swamp, 2019, Cherry woodblock print, 24x29.5 in., Collection of the artist
Linda Kelen, Littlehead, 2021, Cherry woodblock print, 24x29.5 in., Collection of the artist
Linda Kelen, Pirate Island Moat, 2020,
Chased and repoussed copper sheet, 14x14 in., Collection of the artist
Linda Kelen, the Delivery, 2021,
Chased and repoussed aluminum sheet, 12x10 in., Collection of the artist

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