A Chicago transplant, Bill Mitchell currently heads Rountree Gallery in Platteville WI, a community run non-profit gallery with regional and national exhibits. His involvement with non-profit art organizations goes back three decades with Chicago Artist Coalition and Windy City Arts, while also assisting for-profit galleries Oskar Friedl and Vedanta with exhibitions, including Chicago Art Expo. Having studied illustration, design and ultimately painting, he received a BFA and MFA with teaching assistantship, from Northern Illinois University in 1993. His design/woodworking business Readapted continues to serve the landscape trade for over a decade. He has had numerous landscape designs have been featured in publications including Fine Gardening, Chicago Home+Garden, ILASLA and more. In addition, he has taught landscape design at Northwestern University Continuing Studies and presented at numerous garden conferences. Bill lives on a small farm with his wife Angie, three mini donkeys, and numerous cats and chickens.

Artist Statement

Bill Mitchell is an artist living and working in Lancaster WI, exhibiting regionally and nationally. His work revolves around the exploration of systems, patterns, connections and environment.

Painting, drawing and printmaking were the early vehicles of expression, with landscape design as a bridge to the current work. With these insights and a dedication to the environment, site-specific works are created with natural found objects, embracing their impermanence, sustainability and renew-ability.

Part of a long standing process of expression through immediate, local, available materials. Often these land art creations last briefly returning back to the land and documented through photography. Drawing continues to support site specific works with concept presentation, studio fabrication details and a place to explore, discover and develop new ideas.

Mixed media and other works on paper compliment the land works with a more traditional studio practice and more permanent objects.

Bill Mitchell, Four Letter Words #2, 2021,
Anthotype and colored pencil on paper, 24x26 in., Collection of the artist
Bill Mitchell, Greater Than Equal, Less Than Not Equal #2, 2021,
Anthotype and colored pencil on paper, 22x27 in., Collection of the artist

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