Peterson received her MFA degree in Ceramics, Drawing, Art History and Museum Studies from Texas Tech University and holds a Bachler’s degree in Art Education from UW-LaCrosse. Peterson served as a faculty member in Art/Art History Dept at Gustavus Adolphus College, where she served as a Professor for 27 years and was the founder of the Arts Administration Program. Peterson’s art is exhibited nationally and regionally, her work has been recognized and supported through grants from the Blandin Foundation, Gustavus Adolphus College and the MN State Arts Board. Peterson currently works from her private studio in Dakota, MN.

Artist Statement

Through drawing I reflection upon the spiritual, questioning what lies between what is believed to be a truth and that which remains an unknown. I search for clues of the elusive. Drawing provides for me a means to research and envision the non-physical. I attempt to envision that which I hope to understand, that which language cannot explain and what science and mathematics seek to discover, a knowing that exists beyond one’s limits.


Lois Peterson, Two Rivers, 2019,
Graphite on paper, 80x60 in., Collection of the artist
Lois Peterson, Above and Below, 2019,
Graphite on paper, 62x38 in., Collection of the artist

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