Lauren Venable is a full-time student at Loyola University Chicago majoring in Studio Art: Drawing and Painting. While she enjoys experimenting with new mediums, she focuses on acrylic painting. Recently, Lauren has focused her work on environmental and social justice issues and their intersection but is also interested in human forms, specifically hands, and the emotion that can be shown through them. Her work has been shown in the Randolph Arnold Gallery at Loyola University Chicago in early 2021. In the summer of 2019, Lauren attended the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design’s Pre-College Program and enrolled in Graphic Design and Interior Architecture and Design. This allowed her to further explore other artistic areas and expand her artistic knowledge.

Artist Statement

Do you ever meet certain people and you fall in love? My piece reflects the impact my two new friends and starting college have had on me. I love the care my friends have for others, their dedication, their passion, the way they push me to be a better person, and the way they support me. I am forever appreciative. I am forever in love. This painting is based on a photo I took of them in Chicago. I emphasize the importance of their friendship through the white glow that emanates from them. I was able to experiment by employing a variety of textures using different tools, primarily seen in their clothing and shoes. I believe that with experimentation, you have to be okay with what you create not looking the way you intend. Through my experimentation with texture in this piece, I demonstrate one factor of our friendship, not being afraid to be ourselves.

Lauren Venable, A Love Letter, 2021,
Acrylic on canvas, 30x24 in., Collection of the artist