David Barnhill

David Barnhill

Malone, WI


David Barnhill has been practicing fusing metal through a Japanese process known as Mokume Gane since 1999. Many consider David a master of this craft – fusing metals through traditional liquid phase bonding and modern solid state diffusion bonding. Over the years David has embarked on many collaborations with other artists while researching and studying metallurgy. Some of the other artists include David Huang, Emiliano Carillo, and Richard Furrer.

Currently, David is researching solid state engrain pattern deformation and creation with non-ferrous powders and solids. Many of the achievable patterns mirror organic patterns found throughout nature. He is also attempting to bridge these diffusion patterns with the art that he is creating; pushing boundaries – and testing the mechanical limits of the materials.


Artist Statement

I’ve always been attracted to complexity in design. Most of my work is created through the intense hardship of getting metal to behave in the manner that equates to the vision in my mind. The patterns and forms that I create can often be viewed in nature as parts of insects, invertebrates, pollen and seeds. Many of the patterns or textural features in my work were witnessed when I was younger living in the Philippines. Some are real and some are most likely imagined.

David Barnhill, Everything is Connected, 2021, Red brass, bronze, fine silver, and copper, 6" x 8" x 9"