Victoria Bein

Victoria Bein

Edgerton, WI


Artist Statement

My process begins with a simple line drawing much like the automatic drawings of the Surrealists allowing my unconscious mind to create the content. These sketches are foundational to the development of my work and tell stories that are not necessarily in a known language; appearing to me as a mystery to be unveiled, like waking from a dream and trying to understand its hidden meaning.

Using contrasting elements that project a combination of whimsy and dis-ease, I integrate the conflicts of my inner and outer world creating new realities and patterns. My figures are often injured vulnerable creatures with complex and difficult relationships to their environment and each other.  Exposed and isolate they reflect the struggle of their tenuous and threatening circumstances.  As a feminist and ethical vegan, my work also explores themes related to the perils of female humans as well as non human animals- the historically vulnerable and powerless.

Working with soft pastel and pastel pencils on paper allows me to emphasize linear marks, ranging from bold to barely visible, and to build a rich surface of texture and shading. These techniques including palette restriction help shape the mood and tension in my work.

Victoria Bein, The Ammonite's Promise, 2022, Soft pastel and pastel pencil on paper, 25" x 25". x 1.5"