Douglas Flugum

Cedar Rapids, IA


Douglas is a business and technology expert with a proven record of helping companies gain a competitive advantage. Before establishing Bugeye Ventures, Inc. in 2014, he spent 15 years building Tektivity, Inc. into one of Iowa’s most respected business technology consulting firms. He has influenced operational systems and strategic planning in a wide range of disciplines including manufacturing, financial services, retail sales, and other service industries. As founder, president and CEO of Tektivity, Inc., Doug was instrumental in guiding several business acquisitions. He has a unique ability to identify complementary businesses, negotiate equitable terms, and integrate daily operations to maximize revenue streams. He lives by the core values of authenticity, wisdom, and dedication to guide his business approach. The authenticity of integrity and quality. The wisdom to know how to find the right answer for any issue. The dedication to put customers, staff, and stakeholders first with every action. Douglas has amassed 30 years of project management knowledge and more than two decades of experience helping lead information systems departments. Because technology is inextricably linked to business operations and financial success, Doug’s experience is highly valuable to both start-ups and established enterprises. He has the ability to bring clarity to complex management challenges and find opportunities for business growth.


Artist Statement

Glass has the ability to bend, stretch and refine space. It gives depth, volume, and at times infinite space to objects. Working with hot glass is challenging. The process requires the material to be over 2000 degrees Fahrenheit for forming and shaping a unique piece of art. Douglas Flugum uses techniques developed over centuries by artists across the world to create his works. Using cane, murrini and color, he blows, stretches and shapes the molten glass into a vessel. In the process of marvering and shaping the glass, individual canes, murrini and color will move and distort to create the patterns in the finished piece. Douglas is at heart a technician; his background is technology. In his work he wants you to appreciate the object for its aesthetics, but also value and understand how it was formed.

Douglas Flugum, Same Cane 2 Ways, 2021, Blown glass, 12" x 4" x 4"