Ken Oppriecht

Ken Oppriecht

Stoughton, WI


In his decades-spanning practice, Ken Oppriecht has explored every visual media imaginable and is now expanding the digital print as his voice. Trained by the very best, commercial and fine artists, Ken was an art star at an early age. Gifted from birth, he pushed his limits all the way to the LA art scene of the 2000’s. Abruptly, he was diagnosed with Bipolar disorder and had to move back home to Wisconsin. Picking up the pieces, he has remained haunted by one critic’s words; “your pieces look like they were done by different artists”. This critical voice still remains but Ken strives for multiplicity. See these works as a lone note in a vast symphony. These are quiet pieces that speak about a very sincere relationship between humankind and nature. Listen.


Artist Statement

This image is highly manipulated after a plain photo is taken. I see my adjustments as a form of painting but on a computer. If I wouldn’t paint it, then it is removed. The goal is still a “photographic” reality, or the real world perhaps, but one that is plainly fake at times. Brutal removals, severe editing, a minimalist approach, all are tactics I employ to insure a seamless image without any stand out interruptions. I want consistency that arrives by looking over and over again. Appearing as facades or unassuming side faces, these are certainly banal architectural forms. There is a bleakness to these walls but color and details become the arrival of hope. Prison and flower are balanced and they are at once sad sack and triumphant. When made a picture the elements can be harmonized. Each image becomes a symphony of basic formalism, notes to be found and played.

Ken Oppriecht, Blue, 2022, Giclee-printed photograph, 40" x 40" x 2"