Lauren Venable

Lauren Venable

Pleasant Prairie, WI



Lauren Venable is a visual artist from southeast Wisconsin who works out of Chicago, Illinois. She is gaining her Bachelor’s degree in Studio Art: Drawing, Painting, and Printmaking and enjoys working with charcoal and oil paint to talk about the formation of identity and new relationships and struggles with mental health. Her work has been shown in the Ralph Arnold Gallery in Chicago and the Dubuque Museum of Art in Dubuque, Iowa. She has worked in Knoxville, Tennessee as an art camp counselor and is open to opportunities in Chicago.


Artist Statement

I met my girlfriend when I was not looking for love but it found me. Rather, she found me. In this piece I explore vulnerability. The bed is a personal place of comfort which you choose to share. I depict my girlfriend and me in a bed, sharing this space, exemplifying the scary, yet exciting process of getting to know someone intimately. Knowing what they fear and what makes their eyes light up. This two way process means that you also have to be ready to share a part of yourself. This bed represents us revealing and concealing parts of ourselves as we open up to one another.

Lauren Venable, Us, 2022, Charcoal on paper, 70" x 42" x 0"