Amber Williams

Amber Williams

Rock Island, IL


Artist Statement

Collage has been my preferred form of artistic expression since childhood. I rediscovered my passion and have been refining my skills since 2010. I mostly create landscapes, both real and imaginary, but will occasionally create other compositions and commissions as well. My collage methods are self-taught and have evolved over time. Primary source materials are security envelope patterns, magazines, and books.  Since so much of human history is documented by the trash created, my process is an unintentional wink to my previous studies of Anthropology. Compositions start with deconstructing materials by color, pattern, shape, etc. More often than not, I go in attempting to create depth. My preferred tool is scissors, and I also use a variety of hole punch shapes. Substrate is typically wood panel or Masonite. Most recent collages include layers of polycrylic image transfer, a method learned from a colleague in 2019. With all of my collages, I take the opportunity to let my mind wander—revisiting memories and imaging purpose. What started as therapy has developed into an intricate mastery, and for that I am thankful. Art saves.

Amber Williams, Colorado Series 15, 2023, Collage with Polycrylic image transfer, 12" x 12" x 75"