Kristen Garnant Bio:

With a background in graphic arts I have dealt with the design and construction of books, black and white photography, letterpress and offset printing. I have used portions of my design background to create pieces in metal. The distinct quality of steel and the combinations of textures reveal unique compositions much like the layering of fine handmade papers. Reinterpreting ideas in metal can turn the most ordinary form on its head and give it a distinctly new identity.

I enjoy envisioning this transformation and witnessing all the twists and turns that often take the piece into a completely different realm from the one I had planned on. It is this creative unfolding of each piece that has captured my interest in this form.

V. Skip Willits Bio:

The things that I make are integral parts of who I am.

The welding technique I use to create most of my work is a skill I began learning at age ten from my father who worked in a welding shop. He taught me everything, from the characteristics of materials such as steel, cast iron and aluminum to the various welding techniques; arc, TIG, MIG, torch, etc. In 1983 I produced and installed my first major public sculpture. Since that time I’ve continued to make things both large and small. Yearly, I participate in numerous exhibitions and produce commissioned work across the United States, Canada and Europe. I live and work, happily, on the banks of the Mississippi River.

Kristin Garnant and v.skip willits, Nest House 1, 2019, recycled steel, 21x6x5 inches, collection of the artists
Kristin Garnant and v.skip willits, Nest House 2, 2019, recycled steel, 14x8x7 inches, collection of the artists