Artist Statement:

Asymmetry reflects the human touch, not the soul-less machine. Wabi Sabi celebrates the beauty of imperfection and the evidence of life. Marks made from the hand of the artist harbor a mysterious spirit which emotes the wisdom that impermanence emits. These concepts provide layers of depth, and serve as my compass as I explore the balance between chaos and calm.

Making jewelry is my form of communication. Striving to provide the wearer a feeling of nobility, my pieces are created as a celebration of life and the natural world.

Vines twisting, ferns spiraling, a bird's nest, and a hole in the ground are all organically affiliated. Sticks in a pile, ripples across water, wrinkles and ridges of tree bark are all bound linearly. My jewelry echoes these images, and my experience with them. Creation is my vehicle for connecting with the magic of Nature. The pieces are symbolic manifestations of prayer, a record of my involvement, observation and attachment to organic life forms. My passion for metalsmithing is founded in the ritual, and the ceremony continues each time the pieces are worn.

Ali Kauss, Gardener's Delight, 2016, seeds, copper, brass, sewing machine leather, and sterling silver, 22 inches, collection of the artist.