My work is reminiscent of turn of the century industrial mechanical machinery re-interpreted in wood. I use defining elements like gears, screws, and bolts. I meld these individual basic components together to make complex functioning machines in the form of tables, display cabinets, and seating.

I have always been fascinated with anything mechanical. From taking things apart as a kid to a short career in the Army as a diesel mechanic. This combined with being a fourth generation woodworker helps explain my subject matter and medium. I not only love to explore color and texture to convey a sense of old crusty metal objects, I also enjoy using the beauty of locally sourced wood to create a soft contrast to the hard lines of my metal like pieces.

The process of seeing a piece operate after imagining, designing, and creating, drives an ever evolving complex body of work that serves a timeless function and aesthetic interest.

James Pearce, Marvin, 2019, Walnut, 42x16x16 inches, collection of the artist