Chicago, Illinois

Artist Statement

I create art to get the viewer to think. The narratives of these pieces are inspired by contemporary life, inviting the viewers to place themselves within the work. I use vibrant colors and statements for impact to provoke the viewer to explore the entire installation as a whole and then revisit the fine details of each piece. My compositions of faux installations are filled with stenciled text and imagery providing the viewer with subtle hints that the work is not what they perceive. Our modern day truths are what we say they are and our sense of reality is skewed based on our perspective. To me the simplest way to sum that up is with the moniker “Paradigm Shift.”

The Grass is Greener, 2019, Glass and electroplated copper, 44x24.5x4 in., Courtesy of the artist
Singha, 2018, Glass, 33x24.5x4 in., Courtesy of the artist