A Conversation about Craft

Join us for a spirited conversation moderated by artist Douglas Ewart featuring Craft Invitational curatorial committee members, Delores Fortuna and Don Friedlich, and exhibiting artist, Kee-Ho Yuen.

The “reasoning” as Ewart calls it, will be a forum to exchange ideas, knowledge and concepts while exploring the role of craft in the art world and in our daily lives.

Topics include: Craft vs. Art, the ecology of traditional ways of fabrication, the intersection of craft with the sciences, and the importance of play.

Following the conversation Douglas Ewart will discuss his multidisciplinary work which weaves together music, art making, and performance.

A Conversation with a Curator

Volumes have been written about art with discussions of craft reserved as an afterthought. Art history’s use of painting as the standard classification left three-dimensional works, such as crafts and ceramics, fighting for their rightful place with the same status as the painted image. Fariello’s talk challenges today’s art world vision and is sure to spark a lively debate.

Curator, scholar and author of eight books. Anna Fariello is a former Smithsonian Renwick Fellow in American Craft where her research focused on the southern craft revival.

Registration deadline is Wednesday, August 24.



Artist Demo: Lorraine Reynolds, Mixed Media

Mixed media artist Lorraine Reynolds will be harvesting art materials next to her work in the gallery.  She will show the process of dissembling garments and making them into the balls that form the exhibition. Lorraine will provide scissors for those who want to join in the harvesting.

Learn more about the artist

Artist Demo: Elizabeth Johanna, Papermaking

Elizabeth Johanna will guide you through the process of making paper. Learn how to make paper pulp using a kitchen blender and recycled paper. See demos of pulling sheets of paper as well as using cut metal screens and squeeze bottles to create images on the paper sheets.

Papermaking Demo with Elizabeth Johanna

Artist Demo: Carole Spelic, Fabric Weaving

Carole Spelic invites you to drop in and try your hand at weaving on a 4 harness loom.  See how using different yarns and changing the “treadling” can make unique fabrics.

Warning: weaving can be addictive!

Artist Demo: Carole Spelic, Weaving