Artists: Becoming and Being

A conversation among present and past Biennial artists as well as current Iowa Artist Fellows about the choices they’ve made and/or wished they made about their education, their approach to earning a living, and their experiences with museums and galleries.

Louise Kames, a DuMA Biennial 2023 artist and Director of Clarke University’s the Art + Design Program moderates this panel discussion.

Confirmed participants include Peter Xiao, a DuMA Biennial 2023 artist and art professor at Augustana College; Stina Henslee a DuMA Biennial 2023 artist and graphic designer; David Zahn, a DuMA Biennial 2023 sculptor; Erin Dragotto, a DuMA Biennial 2017 artist and VP of Development & Operations for the Museum of Art & Light opening in Kansas next year; and Steffany King, art educator at Dubuque Senior High School.

The 2022 Iowa Arts Fellows joining the conversation are Jennifer Colville from Iowa City, author of “Short Stories for Uncanny Girls” and publisher of PromptPress, a book art journal; Tim Olson, from Dubuque, an artist and photographer whose series titled “Olson’s Art Through the Ages” reimagines historic paintings; and David James “DJ” Savarese from Iowa City, a public speaker, writer and activist who makes literacy-based education, communication and inclusive lives a reality for nontraditionally speaking people.

Made possible by Dupaco Credit Union and Hirschbach Motor Lines, sponsors of the DuMA Biennial 2023.

We expect the conversation will spill out into Washington Park where you can visit with more than 65 DBQ Fest 2023 artists and purchase work to take home. Take a break and refresh with Key City Beer Festival who reminds us that craft brewing is another art form that binds us.

The conversations will be live streamed and recorded at the following Zoom link: