Magic for the Museum 3!

Magician and emcee Craig Beytien will be joined by friends Rick Eugene, Craig Steven, and the Hanson Family Jugglers for an afternoon of magical entertainment that will delight parents and children of all ages.

Tickets are $10 per person ($5 under 12 years old) and may be purchased by calling the museum at 563-557-1851, or at the door. All proceeds from the event benefit museum educational programming.

Sponsored by TH Media

Artist Talk

History of the Magic Box featuring Craig Steven. The “art of the use of the box in magic” is the featured topic as illusion builder and local Dubuque performer, Craig Steven, shares the rich history of parlor and stage illusion using the common box. From the first stage performance of sawing a women in half by PT Selbit in 1921 to the latest box effects of David Copperfield, the use of the box for escape, disappearance, appearance, and transference is a familiar vehicle for many illusions.

The lecture will be followed by a brief performance and demonstration along with a question and answer period.

Performing since age 10, Craig Steven has performed in both private and stage venues for over 20 years. He is the recipient of both the stage and close-up awards from the IBM Ring 11. He designs and builds many of his own effects and for many other professional performers world-wide. You can see many of these effects on Craig’s website: In his spare time Craig is a publishing consultant and a past-president of Rotary, a Board President of the Integrus Credit Union, a board member for Keystone AEA, and a two-term Dubuque Community School Board member.