University of Dubuque

University of Dubuque Showcase

Through January 24, 2024


DuMA’s new Showcase program provides a venue for local emerging artists and community organizations to bring their work to a wider public. Organized by Miles Turner, DuMA’s visitor services coordinator and a Dubuque-based artist himself, this new series of rotating installations was inspired by our annual school exhibitions, in which Dubuque-area elementary, middle, and high school students have the opportunity to see their work installed at the Museum.

This fall, the Showcase program features work by students from the University of Dubuque’s Department of Digital Art and Design (DART). Spearheaded by Sheila Sabers, assistant professor of digital art and design, the exhibition features work from the 2023 DART Senior Art Show and the Best of Show winners from the last five years of The Edge Show. The Senior Art Show, which took place in April, is the capstone of the DART program and brought together a variety of work in illustration, animation, 3D design, motion graphics, and digital artwork. The Edge Show, which has been hosted by the Department of Digital Art and Design for more than twenty years, is open to all students and is a competitive, juried exhibition in which the student artists find and express their “edge”—the unique point of risk where ideas meet the limits of craft and technique.