2017 DUMA Biennial artist, Cindy Vondran

Cindy Vondran, Rockton, Illinois
Avian Nightmare, 2016, digital, 21×27

I live in Illinois, about two hours northwest of Chicago. My first exposure to photography began with a film camera. I was always disappointed when my photos came back from the lab and were not what I had envisioned. The transition to digital was a game changer. With editing software I felt I finally had control over how my photos turned out. I now have the ability to make my photos look better than I had shot in camera.

Digital artistry takes it a step further. The possibilities are infinite. I love this new medium. I enjoy creating traditional art using the latest technology. I feel that we are in the beginning stages of a new art movement. I am choosing to call this movement Pixelism. There are so many choices and options that it is sometimes difficult to stay with just one theme.

I am mostly drawn to things that are sensual. Botanicals are one of my favorite subjects. I want my images to tell a story that is full of passion and honesty, and sometimes raises questions. I strive to make art that leaves a profound impression on the viewer.