2017 DUMA Biennial artist, Lynn Giles

Summer Star
Lynn Giles, Galena, Illinois
Summer Star, 2016, photo quilt squares, 10×10

I am a Galena resident, moving here after college in 1974. My interest in photography began with my first Brownie camera. I worked my way from a point and shoot camera to a completely manual Pentex and on to digital cameras. Where I once developed and printed black and white images in a dark room, I now fine tune and print color images with my computer.
For the past year or so, I have been combining the classic designs of quilt squares with my original photography to create what I call “Photo Quilt Squares.” The process I go through to make the compositions is similar to quilt making: deciding on a pattern, deciding on material (in this case, images), cutting all the pieces to fit together and assembling them on a piece of card stock. I have learned working with photo paper is more exacting than working with fabric. But the visual effect is worth the effort!
I currently show and sell my works, both photographic prints and photo quilt squares, as well as note cards, at Hello Galena and the Galena Center for the Arts.