2017 DUMA Biennial artist, Michelle Fischer

Power Position #2
Michelle Fischer, Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Power Position #2, 2017, oil pastel and foil, 30×22

Making a paper mache dinosaur in sixth grade showed me art could work for me. I knew it, and so did Miss Zeminck, my art teacher. From then on, art was a wonderful world of putting ideas and materials together. But it seemed too easy, so I went into Interior Design and Architecture for a different challenge. With my shiny new BA from University of Northern Iowa, I worked with architects doing commercial interiors. Later, deciding to venture back into art with a MA from University of Iowa, this time in design and sculpture and printmaking.

From then on it was all about working in a studio and producing my own work. Following themes of ideas helps center me. Producing 50-100 pieces and finding half of those pieces that work. Combining foil, wax, and oil paint allows me to play with transparency, shine, light, and movement.