Reflections: Photography by the Dubuque Camera Club

September 21, 2019 - November 10, 2019


The Dubuque Camera Club explores the theme of “reflection” in this 7th annual exhibition of photographs by club members. Reflection can be interpreted in different ways, from a mirror surface to thoughtful contemplation. To capture the beauty of reflection in photography involves patience, luck, and planning. When reflection is desired and successfully captured, it can elevate an ordinary scene into something exceptional and artistic. Conversely, when a reflection is unwanted, it can be the bane of the photographer.

Assembled from over 70 submitted images, DUMA Curator and Registrar Stacy Peterson selected a group of photographs that represents not only the different interpretations on the theme but also the skill levels of the club members.
This annual exhibition celebrates the Dubuque Camera Club, where a group of individuals that have a similar creative interest gather to practice, learn, and have fun. In this way, the club offers a valuable experience to all of its members, whether seasoned professional or casual hobbyist.