Nichole Gronvold Roller, Keystone

and Through
Paintings by Nichole Gronvold Roller

October 24, 2020 - February 7, 2021

Nichole Gronvold Roller

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A selection of twelve new paintings by Illinois artist Nichole Gronvold Roller opens this fall in the museum’s Kris Mozena McNamer Gallery. Midwestern landscape and architecture are not unfamiliar themes for visitors to DuMA. The uniqueness of our natural and man-made scenery inspires many artists. Gronvold Roller is no exception, though her irregular polygonal canvases and abstract kaleidoscope imagery might deceive the casual viewer.

Gronvold Roller’s paintings conceal the familiar Midwest themes that inspired them and encourage a closer examination. Those who stop for a longer look will find that the artist has made a deep and considered examination of our region.

As the artist states, “My abstract paintings are built upon a catalog of daily experiences within a framework of looking up, down, and through as I navigate throughout the day… The architecture found in both rural and urban settings can either be in harmony with its natural environment or a disjunction of space; both are inspiring. I am attracted to aerial views of cultivated farmland and urban landscapes because of the appealing geometric patterns. The overlapping and intersections of these areas are the most exciting for me; specifically, next to an untamed land.”