Ultra-Realistic Sculpture by Marc Sijan

October 31, 2014 - February 8, 2015

Ultra-Realistic Sculpture by Marc Sijan


Unique opportunity to see a collection of the renowned lifelike sculptures by internationally acclaimed Milwaukee artist Marc Sijan on view in the Dubuque Museum of Art’s Kris Mozena McNamer Gallery through February 8, 2015.

Marc Sijan is one of the world’s most accomplished hyper-realist sculptors. His figures are both compelling and disconcerting and so true to life they appear on the verge of movement, often startling museum visitors who mistake them for real people. Three of Sijan’s life-size figures along with eight wall-mounted portraits will be on view during the exhibition. About this exhibition, Smithsonian curator Dorothy Moss writes:

Marc Sijan’s empathetic portrayals of the human condition are firmly rooted in the history of American Realism while pushing the genre of portraiture in innovative directions with their uncanny physical presence. To be “face to face” with one of Sijan’s sculptures is an unforgettable experience and this is due to the artist’s extraordinary mastery of his materials and his sensitivity to the aesthetic and poignant possibilities of figurative art and the genre of portraiture. Dorothy Moss, Curator of Painting and Sculpture, National Portrait Gallery, Smithsonian Institution

Each of Sijan’s enigmatic figures is frozen in time and has a story they want to tell. They can’t speak but their faces are full of emotion – and they are exposed. Like all of us, they have their physical imperfections but theirs aren’t hidden. Every vein, wart, hair, bulge, and sag is visible to the viewer. The overweight man standing in loafers and a pair of shorts that are slightly too tight or the little old man in swim trunks standing on a chair peeking over at something in the distance – what are they doing and who do they represent?

The incredible technical skill of the artist is apparent from every angle – he is a master of his materials and hasn’t left out a single mesmerizing detail, including all of the strange and fascinating human details that would catch your attention if these were real people. Fortunately, in this case, it’s okay to satisfy your curiosity by staring at them as much as you like.

Sijan lives in Milwaukee and studied at the University of Wisconsin. His work has been collected and exhibited throughout North America, Europe, and the Middle East. He was the 3D winner of the 2014 Art Prize competition and his sculptures have been included in the NYC Armory Show for several years. He has had over sixty solo museum exhibitions, many of which have broken attendance records worldwide including institutions such as the San Francisco Museum of Art, the Delaware Art Museum, The Butler Institute of American Art, the Cuadro Museum in Dubai, and many others.

Image: Marc Sijan, Brief Peek, resin and oil paint, 66x21x21 inches, collection of the artist.