Craft Social Media Post 29 July 2020

DuMA 2nd Craft Invitational Featured Artist:
Donald Friedlich

Donald Friedlich is a glass artist working in Madison, Wisconsin.

“I had the idea for this body of work (“Organic Series”) for more than five years, but thought it was frivolous, so kept pushing it aside. Eventually, though, the only way to get it to stop haunting me was to make a piece of jewelry and see it if it was worthy of pursuit. In the end, I came to feel that transforming commonplace materials such as food, into glass, allowed viewers and wearers to see the beauty and elegance of their forms in a new light. Plus, the idea of wearing an apple or a stalk of celery as a brooch makes me smile.”

For more info about the artist including bio & artist statement:

DuMA 2nd Craft Invitational continues through October, 11, 2020

Navel Orange Brooch, 2013, Glass, 22k gold, sterling, niobium, 18k gold, 14k gold, 2 5/8” x 2 ½” x 5/8”, $3400.